What Breast Problems Can be Fixed with Breast Surgery?

Westchester woman embraces breasts after breast surgery recovery
When you think of breast surgery, breast implants likely are what comes to mind, but there are a variety of breast procedures that go far beyond enhancement. Our triple-board-certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Victoria Karlinsky, understands firsthand the changes a woman’s breasts go through. From menses to pregnancy to menopause, your breasts are continually fluctuating, and many women experience breast problems that require cosmetic or reconstructive surgery.

Some of the breast concerns or conditions that can be fixed with breast surgery include:

Inverted Nipples

Inverted nipples, also known as nipple retraction, point inward and can be caused by several factors. Some men and women are simply born with inverted nipples while women may also develop them later on during pregnancy or due to a medical problem. Inverted nipple correction surgery is minimally-invasive.

Asymmetrical (Uneven) Breasts

No two breasts are the same, but some women have significant differences in size. One breast may be an A cup while the other is a B or C cup. Breast augmentation with breast implants or fat transfer can address uneven breasts and provide a symmetrical bust.

Tuberous Breasts

Tuberous breasts are also called tubular breasts or breast hypoplasia. This occurs when breasts fail to develop fully during puberty and is a congenital abnormality that may occur in one or both breasts. Men and women alike can struggle with tuberous breasts. Breast surgery can provide a more natural-looking breast shape and size.

Large Breasts

Significantly large breasts often come with painful symptoms that can affect your entire body as well as your self-confidence. Breast reduction is a standard procedure performed for both cosmetic and medical reasons that decreases breast size and repositions breast tissue.

Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy

Breast cancer survivors often struggle with a loss of femininity after a single or double mastectomy. Breast reconstruction typically involves saline or silicone breast implants, but the newer fat transfer breast augmentation method may also restore breast size and shape.


Gynecomastia is a condition which causes male breast tissue to enlarge or swell and affects men and boys of all ages. The symptoms can be painful and it often leads to embarrassment. Male breast reduction at Westchester Surgical Arts can correct gynecomastia, though the condition may dissipate on its own depending on the initial cause.

Sagging or Deflated Breasts

Breast sagging and deflation can happen after pregnancy and breastfeeding but also develops as you get older or lose a massive amount of weight. Breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgery in the United States and restores lost volume. A breast lift can eliminate loose skin tissue and deliver a perkier bust but does not increase breast size.

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