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Is a Scarless Breast Augmentation Possible?

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Just like any surgical procedure, scarring is an inevitable part of the breast augmentation process. Visible scarring is a common concern among women considering breast augmentation. After all, your ultimate goal is to improve the appearance of your breasts, and having scars could interfere with the transformation.
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While there is no way to completely eliminate scarring, your cosmetic surgeon can use various techniques to minimize scarring. Typically, the size and location of your scar will depend on the surgical technique used.

Often, the incisions are made in discreet locations, such as along breast creases or around the areola, where they are easier to cover up and hide. Some of the most popular scar locations are located along the natural crease at the bottom of your breasts (inframammary), at the rim of your areola (periareolar), or in the armpit (transaxillary).

How Visible Are Breast Augmentation Scars?

As mentioned earlier, the visibility of your breast augmentation scars will vary depending on the incision method used. With the inframammary incisions, the incisions located under the breasts are less noticeable, since the full, shapely breasts will naturally conceal the scars. The scars can easily be concealed by undergarments and bathing suits and will fade with time.

The periareolar technique results in scars that blend well with the pigmented skin surrounding the nipple. Similar to the inframammary technique, most fitting undergarments and swimsuit tops will conceal the scars. This technique is only recommended for patients who need minimal breast enhancement, as the incision is too small to accommodate larger implants.

As for the transaxillary technique, the incisions are made near the armpit in the folds of the skin. This keeps the scars hidden and eliminates any possibility of scarring on the breasts.

What About Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer?

Breast augmentation with fat transfer—or natural breast augmentation—will likely result in the least amount of scarring on the body. 

This technique uses liposuction to harvest donor fat from the body, such as from the abdomen, hips, or thighs, and inject it into the breasts. 

Because this is an injection procedure, you will have no scars on the breasts; however, you may develop some minor scarring at the liposuction sites. These scars will be very small and placed in discreet locations (such as natural creases).

What Can I Do to Minimize Breast Augmentation Scarring?

While your surgeon’s technical skill is the most important factor in the appearance of scars, it certainly isn’t the only one. 

How you care for the incision following your surgery will also determine the final appearance of the scars. 

Patients are advised to follow post-surgery instructions on taking medications, cleaning, and caring for the incision site as well as possible scar management techniques.

Interested in Learning More?

During your consultation, we will discuss incision locations and help determine the most appropriate technique for you depending on your unique anatomy and cosmetic goals. 

With the guidance of our board-certified cosmetic surgeons with extensive experience in advanced cosmetic procedures, we will help you choose a surgical treatment plan with as little scarring as possible. 

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