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Should You Consider Breast Reduction Before Having Children?

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If you are experiencing issues with overly large breasts and are considering breast reduction surgery, you may be wondering what effects a subsequent pregnancy might have on your results.

Pregnancy and nursing stretch breast skin and can lead to sagging. In some cases, breasts can change shape and even increase in size. 
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Since breast reduction involves the removal of breast tissue and skin to reduce the size of large breasts, one of the best ways to maintain results is to wait until you are finished having children before undergoing the procedure. 

But is this the best approach for all women?

While waiting will prevent your results from degrading due to the skin being stretched out and new tissue forming, what happens in the meantime? Are you doomed to suffer from the complications of large, heavy breasts until after you start a family?

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Having Breast Reduction Now

If you struggle with your large breasts but plan to wait to have children, you must consider your options as well as the pros and cons of having breast reduction surgery before giving birth.

The Pros of Breast Reduction

Some of the benefits of reducing breast size include:

  • Pain relief – Large, heavy breasts can cause pain in the back, shoulders, neck, and chest. Breast reduction can help eliminate or significantly reduce this discomfort.
  • Better athletic performance – Active women may find their large breasts get in the way when exercising or participating in sports, dance, and other physical activities.
  • A more balanced figure – Large breasts can cause some women to feel their breasts are disproportionate to their body shape and frame. By reducing breast size, they can have a more proportionate silhouette.
  • Clothing fits better – Women with large breasts can find it challenging to find clothes that fit properly and can feel limited in their choices. 
  • Simplifies hygiene routine – The breast folds in women with large breasts are susceptible to dermatitis if not cared for properly. A breast reduction can prevent or reduce the risk of these rashes. 
  • Fast recovery time – Breast reduction surgery is a safe and straightforward procedure with a quick recovery time. Post-operative discomfort typically lasts only 24 to 48 hours. While strenuous activity is to be avoided for at least two weeks, patients can often resume a normal routine within days.

Cons of Having Breast Reduction Surgery (Especially Before Pregnancy)

The following trade-offs should also be considered when planning your breast reduction surgery: 

  • Complications with nursing – While a skilled surgeon may be able to preserve your milk supply, there’s a chance that you’ll have difficulty breastfeeding in the future. 
  • Planned pregnancies – If you plan to get pregnant anytime after your breast reduction, increases in breast size will stretch the skin and lead to sagging, particularly if you breastfeed.
  • Scarring – While expertise and advanced techniques are used by cosmetic surgeons to reduce the visibility of scars, some scarring will result from your surgery. 
  • Altered sensitivity and numbness –  Changes in the sensations of the breasts may be experienced following surgery. However, in some cases, sensation can be increased. Always choose a reputable board-certified cosmetic surgeon to perform your surgery.

A Breast Reduction Revision Can Be the Answer

If you are planning to wait several years before having children, you have to weigh these pros and cons seriously before making your decision. 

If you feel your large breasts are unmanageable and significantly interfere with your quality of life, then undergoing the procedure now is likely the best approach for you. 

And, if you do experience unwanted changes from your pregnancy, you can always undergo a second surgery to revise your results.

A breast reduction revision simply recontours the breasts according to your goals after an initial breast reduction fails or suffers complications, such as the changes that occur with pregnancy and childbirth. 
Before and after image showing the results of a breast reduction performed in Westchester, NY.

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Breast Reduction Surgery in Westchester, NY

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