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I Want to Remove My Implants. How Can I Ensure I Maintain Breast Shape?

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Breast augmentation is the most popular breast enhancement procedure today. This cosmetic surgery is meant to improve the size and shape of the breasts using saline or silicone implants. 

However, after you’ve gotten your breast augmentation, several reasons can make it necessary (or desirable) for you to remove the implants. 
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Common reasons for breast implant removal include:

  • Implant complications (such as capsular contracture, implant displacement, or rupture)
  • Desire to change implant size or shape
  • Desire to return to a more natural breast aesthetic
  • Miscellaneous health concerns that may be linked to implants

However, once the implants have been removed, there is no guarantee that your breasts will automatically regain their pre-implant size and shape. In fact, the breast explant surgery might leave your breasts sagging and looking less full. 

Breast revision techniques can help improve the appearance of your breasts after removing breast implants.

Consider Breast Enhancement Using Fat Transfer

Once your breast implants have been removed, your breasts might look smaller than you prefer. 

However, your cosmetic surgeon can help you restore some fullness to the breasts using fat transfer instead of implants

With this technique, your surgeon will remove fat from other parts of your body and use it to improve the size of your breasts. Since the augmenting material comes from you, there is little chance of rejection or allergic reaction.  

This technique does not allow for the same size increase as implants but provides a subtle, natural increase.

Opt for a Breast Lift

A breast lift might be necessary if breast explant surgery leaves your breasts sagging and your nipples pointing downwards. 

The procedure involves tightening tissue, removing excess skin, and adjusting the position of the nipples to ensure that they are pointing forward. Breast lift surgery should improve your breast contour and consequently give you a more youthful appearance by improving your breasts’ perkiness.

Manage Your Weight

Even after getting a breast lift or a breast augmentation using fat transfer, there is no guarantee that your breast surgery results will last forever. These procedures do not stop the natural aging process, nor do they prevent your weight from fluctuating. 

Time and gravity will surely take a toll on your breasts. 

However, there are several steps you can take to keep your breasts looking great for many years to come. 

For instance, you need to maintain a stable weight and wear proper-fitting (and supportive) bras. You also need to maintain a healthy lifestyle by having a balanced diet and avoiding bad habits, such as smoking.

Interested in Learning More About Your Breast Revision Options?

If you want to remove your implants but are afraid that your breasts might lose their attractive shape and size, you shouldn’t worry too much. There are other breast procedures that can help you improve the appearance of your breasts even without implants.

If you are looking for a reliable cosmetic surgeon to advise you on how you can maintain the appearance of your breasts after implant removal, Westchester Cosmetic Surgical Arts is an excellent facility to visit. Contact us at (646) 559-2854 or fill out our online contact form for more information about our services.

Why Does Silicone Breast Augmentation Cost More Than Saline Breast Augmentation?

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When looking at your breast augmentation options of silicone or saline implants, one of the factors that will no doubt come into play is the cost. 

You may notice a fairly substantial cost difference between silicone and saline breast implants, with silicone breast augmentation being higher. 
Surgeon holding a breast implant in an operating room.

While many cost factors between saline and silicone augmentation are the same (surgeon, facility, anesthesia, etc.), a primary cost factor is the implant itself. 

So, what exactly makes silicone implants the more expensive option.

Why Are Silicone Breast Implants More Expensive Than Saline?

The price difference between the two implants all comes down to what they are made of. Saline implants have an outer silicone shell. After the empty implant shell is inserted into the chest, the implant is filled with saline water. Unfortunately, the water-filled implant doesn’t always match the feel of breast tissue like silicone does, so many women and surgeons often see saline implants as less natural.

Additionally, some patients complain that you can see the “rippling” of the implant in their chest, resulting in less-than-natural results. This typically happens when the implant is overfilled, or there is not enough natural tissue to cover the implant.

In comparison, silicone implants are made entirely of silicone. The implant is an outer silicone case pre-filled with silicone gel. This gel is comparable to gummy bear candy material and mimics human fat, giving the implant a realistic feel and look. 

This type of implant costs more because it’s made up of more material — and that material is more than simple saline.

Additionally, silicone implants are available in many sizes, shapes, and levels of cohesiveness. This allows for much more customization than saline breast augmentation.

Other Factors to Consider

Your age may prevent you from getting the breast implant option of your choice. Patients have to be at least 22 years old to get silicone implants. The age for saline implants is 18.

While many people feel that silicone implants look and feel more natural, some women desire the rounder, fuller, and more augmented look of saline implants. Saline implants also do not pose any risk if they rupture, as your body will naturally absorb the saline.

Both Options Are Viable

Ultimately, the FDA has approved both sets of implants to use, so that you can feel confident in either choice. Patients have been getting saline and silicone implants for decades now with tremendous success.

Schedule a consultation with the cosmetic surgeons at Westchester Cosmetic Surgical Arts to learn more about which implant is right for you and what your expected breast augmentation cost will be.

What Results Can You Expect for Your Breast Augmentation?

If you are curious about the potential results after your breast enhancement surgery, check out our breast augmentation before and after gallery to see how this surgery has helped our previous patients.
Before and after image showing the results of a breast augmentation performed in Westchester, NY. 

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