Breast Augmentation in Westchester, New York

Breast Implants

Women choose breast augmentation for a variety of reasons, from increasing breast size for a proportionate figure to restoring volume after pregnancy or weight loss. Your lifestyle, genetics, and the overall aging process cause significant changes to your breasts over time, leading to volume loss and a deflated appearance. Dr. Victoria Karlinsky is one of New York’s leading board-certified cosmetic surgeons and can help you restore your pre-baby bust or increase the size with breast augmentation.

If you’re interested in breast augmentation, contact Westchester Cosmetic Surgical Arts today at (646) 559-2854 to schedule your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Karlinsky. We provide face, breast, and body cosmetic surgery to patients in surrounding areas of Westchester, New York.

Breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the United States. This breast surgery enlarges the size and fullness of the breasts by inserting silicone or saline breast implants to provide a well-balanced and feminine silhouette. Whether you’d like to correct uneven breasts, restore lost shape and volume after pregnancy or weight loss, or desire a bigger overall bust, breast augmentation is a safe and effective way to achieve your ideal breast shape and size.


From barely A to C – wonderful result


“I would definitely recommend Dr. Karlinsky for breast augmentation. She did a wonderful job transforming me from barely A to C cup. The size for my frame and physical activity was absolutely right.” -Tx

Your Breast Augmentation Options

You have several breast augmentation options to choose from including the fat transfer method which uses fat harvested from another area of your body to increase the volume of your breasts, though results can vary widely. When it comes to breast implants, your choices include:

Breast Implant Type & Placement

Dr. Karlinsky offers saline and silicone breast implants. Silicone implants are pre-filled and contain a thick, gel-base and are thought to provide more a more natural look and feel similar to your given breast tissue. Saline implants involve a silicone shell that’s filled with saline (saltwater) after it’s surgically placed in the breast. Both breast implants have benefits and drawbacks. Saline implants come with a risk of visible rippling depending on the placement, but an implant rupture is quickly detected because your body naturally absorbs the saline whereas silicone implant ruptures can go unnoticed for several years.

Saline or silicone breast implants are placed over or underneath the pectoralis muscle.

Breast Augmentation Incision Sites

Scars are an inevitable result of a surgical procedure. An experienced board-certified cosmetic surgeon such as our Dr. Karlinsky can significantly minimize the visible scarring with strategic incisions. There are four different incision sites used by cosmetic surgeons:

  • Under the Arm: The trans axillary incision site limits the amount of scarring to the underarm area.
  • Around the Nipple: The periareolar incision site conceals scarring within the darker pigment of the areolas and is one of the most popular options.
  • Underneath the Natural Crease of the Breast: The inframammary incision site conceals scarring in the fold of the breasts and is the other most common choice, particularly if you have a breast lift as well.
  • Through the Navel: The trans-umbilical incision site is used in rare circumstances because there are more risks associated with this method, though this route comes with no detectable scarring.

Your anatomy dictates the choice of the incision site and taking advantage of the areas where scarring will be most easily hidden.

Choosing Your Breast Implant Size

Speaking in cup size alone is an unreliable way to achieve your desired breast size. Dr. Karlinsky has patients try on a bra of your choice of size along with a sample implant to find the ideal size. That leaves less room for misinterpretation and a higher chance that you’ll be satisfied with your results. Implants that are too large for your frame can create artificial-looking results. 

The Breast Augmentation Procedure & Recovery

During your initial consultation with Dr. Karlinsky, you will be provided with a complete overview of the surgery process, anesthesia preparation, precautions, and recovery. Breast augmentation requires general anesthesia, which means your procedure will be performed by Dr. Karlinsky in New York City at our Manhattan surgical center. No overnight stay is necessary, and transportation to and from Westchester Cosmetic Surgical Arts will be provided. Although, some women may be able to have local anesthetic and twilight sedation to reduce risks and ease recovery time.

The surgery typically takes 60-90 minutes. Saline breast implants are inserted under the fold of the breast or using the periareolar incision. The silicone shell is then filled with the saline solution once it’s in place. Silicone breast implants are pre-filled and require the inframammary incision. Both are effective methods of enhancing the fullness of your breasts.

breast augmentation before and afterView Our Before and After Gallery for Breast Augmentation Results

Most women go home the same day of the procedure. You’ll need to spend a few days recovering at home and avoid lifting your arms above your head and other movements. Swelling and bruising are common but typically return to normal within a few weeks. Dr. Karlinsky may provide pain relief medications and be sure to follow all post-op instructions. She will give you her cell phone number for any urgent questions and concerns you may have during recovery.

Common Breast Implant Concerns

Breast implants can last 10 to 20 years, and breast revision surgery or replacement procedures are considered much easier than the initial surgery because the implant pockets already exist, and the same incision areas can be used again. Many women with breast implants go on to breastfeed successfully, but if that’s a big concern for you, speak with Dr. Karlinsky during your consultation to discuss your options in more detail.

It’s recommended to get regular mammograms whether or not you have breast implants but be sure to tell the technician about your implants as they can obscure some parts of the tissue and make it difficult to detect abnormalities.

Schedule Your Breast Augmentation Consultation in Westchester

If you’re interested in breast augmentation, schedule your one-on-one consultation with triple-board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Victoria Karlinsky today at (646) 559-2854. Westchester Cosmetic Surgical Arts serves patients in surrounding New York areas.

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