Body Lift in Westchester, NY

Achieving your weight loss goal can improve your physical and mental health, but it can also leave you with excess skin and fat. A body lift is performed used to remove unwanted tissue from the body following a significant weight loss, such as from bariatric surgery or multiple pregnancies.

Am I a Candidate for a Body Lift?

While body lift candidacy varies from patient to patient, the best candidates for a body lift are generally healthy adults who have a large amount of sagging skin in one or more areas of their body as a result of a dramatic weight loss.

It is recommended that bariatric surgery patients wait until their weight has stabilized before undergoing a body lift. This helps to achieve the best possible outcomes from the cosmetic procedures.

How Is a Body Lift Performed?

A body lift is a combination of cosmetic surgeries that may be performed at the same time or divided into two or more surgical sessions.

Excess skin on the lower areas of the body can be addressed with a lower body lift. A lower body lift can include butt augmentation with a Brazilian Butt Lift, thigh lift surgery, and tummy tuck surgery to address a loose midsection.

To correct issues on the upper body, such as sagging skin on the upper arms, an arm lift may be performed to restore definition. You may also benefit from a breast lift to address sagging breasts and a back lift to remove excess skin on the back.

Liposuction techniques can be applied to the midsection, chest, and lower extremities during a body lift to remove localized pockets of diet and exercise-resistant fat. This procedure permanently removes fatty deposits on any of the above areas.

What Is Body Lift Recovery Like?

The body lift recovery depends on the overall health of the patient, the amount of skin and tissue that is removed, and whether or not multiple procedures are performed during a single surgical session.

In general, most patients who have their body lift done in stages can resume most activities within one to two weeks, while patients who undergo a total body lift can expect a significantly longer recovery time. Patients who have a full body lift will also need to remain in the hospital for at least 24 to 48 hours following their surgery.

Staged procedures are usually done on an outpatient basis.

Compression garments may be wrapped around the treatment areas after your body lift. These garments will protect the incisions, promote blood circulation, and reduce swelling. Body lift patients will need some assistance around the house initially to help with all day-to-day chores like cooking, cleaning, or childcare.

What Results Can I Expect From a Body Lift?

Body lift results are immediate and dramatic. You will be able to see and feel the effects as soon as you wake up from your procedure. Once the usual post-operative swelling goes down, you will have noticeably tighter skin, more defined features, and freedom from the unsightly and uncomfortable excess skin and tissue that was removed by your cosmetic surgeon.

Interested in a Body Lift in Westchester, NY?

To learn more about the body lift procedure, call our Westchester, New York, cosmetic surgery clinic today at (646) 559-2854 to schedule your personal consultation. Your surgeon at Westchester Cosmetic Surgical Arts will review your body goals, discuss costs, and help you decide if a body lift is the right cosmetic surgery for you.

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